About the Igbere People Forum


The Igbere People Forum is about issues and news that matter to Igbere people. IPF strives to promote and support the socio-economic development of Igbere community. The platform is a convenient hub for information with regards to Igbere. Opinions expressed therein are that of their respective owners.

IPF is active on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. In the IPF Whatsapp group; ONLY issues or info about IGBERE, and Igbere people are allowed.


We also have IPF Facebook group where users may be allowed to post many other things such as their professions, announcements, etc., to reach several other members globally. Other non-Igbere related issues may be posted on the IPF Facebook platform.

NOTE that the IPF is not an age grade, not a branch of Igbere Welfare Union, an Autonomous Community, and not a representative of any of the above mentioned organs.


In some cases, the Admin and Moderators of IPF may have personal opinions which may vary with that of other contributors.

Please join the IPF Facebook group and share your information via facebook.com/groups/igberepeopleforum.