Who’s Who: Elder (Mrs) Eunice Uloma Ijioma

Elder (Mrs) Eunice Ijioma was born on 12th April 1941 into the family of late Pa Dick Akwari Igwe of Ndi-Ukwa Amaukwu. Her mother was late Madam Nwannediya Akwari Igwe. In recognition of the importance of eduction, Uloma was in 1952 enrolled into Igbere Central School, Onu-Ibina. Uloma’s brief stay in school was characterised by very excellent academic performances.

Just on completion of class 1, she got betrothed to her present husband – Chief Ijioma Imo of Ndi Okali Amakpo, Igbere. As was the custom then, she had to leave Igbere and join her husband at Aba. While at Aba she assisted her husband in his trading business after which she branched off to establish numerous businesses but continued to assist her husband in the upkeep of the family.

Elder (Mrs.) E. U. Ijioma as she is fondly called is blessed with eight surviving children: Imo Iioma, Dick Uba Ijioma, Jot Oriaku Igbokwe, Madubike Ijioma, Mercy Ikedieze, Magret Iioma and Peace Nneka Nmaju.

Elder (Mrs.) E. U. Ijioma is equally blessed with nineteen grand children and still counting.

In May 1988, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria appointed her as one of the ruling elders of St. Stephen Church, Aba East parish. Before that eldership conferment, she had held the post of a chorister, and the general president of
Women’s Guild of the Church.

resolution of the conflict between Amaukwu community with other Igbere communities. In 1966 she was elected the President of Aba Branch of Igbere Welfare Union Women’s Wing during which the Igbere women provided a cold
room for the preservation of drugs at Igbere Health Centre.

In 1997 she was unanimously elected the President-General of Igbere Welfare Union (Women’s Wing). As the President-General of Igbere, Elder (Mrs) E. U. Ijioma in 2001 negotiated and bought the “Abo Nkwo” land for Igbere women from Ozuitem people. In 2002 she brought the idea of holding August meeting by Igbere women. The first edition of the meeting was held in 2003, and subsequently, till date. For now she has devoted her time to ensure that peace and tranquility is restored in Igbere.

Elder (Mrs.) Eunice Ijioma is one of the illustrous daughters of Igbere. May Glory be to God who gave Igbere such a person.

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