“The Golden Generation of Igbere” – HRH Eze Rowland A. Ekeoma

According to the HRH Eze Rowland A. Ekeoma, the Akpondi of Amakpo Igbere,  “the ‘Golden Generation of Igbere’ is made up of an age, majority of who could not go to school or participate in the study of Western  Culture and Education, but who in fact tried to educate the children of our present generation.”

Eze Rowland Ekeoma made the statement during his special tribute to Chief Emmauel Ukaegbu Akuma (Ogaukwu) of blessed memory.

He continued, “We have seen members of the Golden Generation at work: they started town/clan meetings, built schools and colleges, health centers, opened new roads, maintained old ones; some were members of the church
Choir who got baptized and adopted English names.

“As traders and artisans they traveled to far away places, made friends from countless culture and tribes. Some were solders during the First and Second World Wars. And when the wars were over, they resumed their old trades, learnt pidgin English; they became “White men in Black Skins”. They took their immediate cultures outside their native homesteads, raised their children outside their immediate cultures. It was to their credit that the old villages have turned (or are turning) into modern townships and mini-cities.

“The Golden  Generation believed in one man – the late Nnmadi Azikiwe. Those who disagree with him were enemies of the people. They joined in the struggle for Independence of Nigeria from Colonial Rule. The Good Old Days are going…. Or gone.”

Written by HRH Eze Rowland Ekeoma

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