Reflect, Co-Exist And Forge Ahead With Igbere Legacy – by Chief Eme Onyeuku

A Message from the Chairman, IPAI Board of Directors (2007 – 2011).

As a continuing legacy, we of the Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI) are proud to reflect, co-exist, and forge ahead as Igbere indigenes. We reflect on the positive actions taken by our parents in the past to form sustaining organizations that guide and improve the community, we co-exist with one another for the good of our citizens today and tomorrow. With God’s help in all these, we forge a better future for our children with enthusiasm.

This legacy begun by our parents and passed down to us created the proper environment. An environment created by their incessant attempts at uniting the community, forming co-operatives, sharing ideas and resources and providing the tools in education, training and trade apprenticeship. These and many other efforts laced with discipline laid the foundations to prepare Igbere indigenes for the good life. They helped to prepare off springs for even brighter future.

The touch that our past threw our way is a charge to action. This charge has not been given or received without challenges. IPAI has faced some of these challenges with equanimity and grace. With imbued spirit of forgiveness and egos subsumed under the service of our people, IPAI like Igbere emerges stronger through these challenges.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the success of our community and this organization and continue to sacrifice in time, cash and kind to keep then going. Friends, neighbors, in-laws, associate members, members, compatriots and certainly the executives of IPAI, we appreciate you. More so, we are happy to welcome all and sundry for coming from over the globe to celebrate with

On behalf of the board of directors of IPAI, I extend very warm hands of friendship and fraternity to you. May we pass this legacy to others with the patriotic zeal of our heritage! God’s blessing.

Chief Alfred Eme Onyeuku
Chairman, IPAI Board of Directors

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