DC-Maryland Chapter Signs MOU To Host IPAI Convention 2009

MOU Signed, Preparation of Washington DC 2009 Starts Now !

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which finalizes the agreement of DC Metro Area Chapter of IPAI to host the forth coming IPAI Convention 2009 slated for July 2009 has be signed and dated June 9th, 2008, by Dr. Anyaogu Elekwachi on behalf of the chapter/branch.

Sequel to receiving the notification of provisional selection to host the IPAI Convention in July 2009, the branch accepted this selection (in writing) and agrees to the following:

1). Confirm that I (Anyaogu Elekwachi Ph.D)  and the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter unequivocally uphold the constitution of IPAI adopted and ratified during the 2nd IPAI convention in Atlanta, September 2007and support the IPAI Executive Committee elected thereof .

2). Confirm that I and the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter recognize the scope of the IPAI Executive Committee and the scope of other Standing Committees’ mandates and that include having overall oversight of all activities of the convention, which includes (but not limited to) town hall meeting and cultural/fund raising events for the success of the Convention/Ezumezu 2009.

3). Accept and confirm that I and the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter recognize that the Executive Committee will, in consultation with the local Convention Organizing Committee, articulate and produce the final Agenda/Order of Business and Program Announcement, and that the Executive Committee will conduct and moderate the Town hall meeting and other activities at the 3rd IPAI Convention in Washington DC.

4). Accept and confirm that I and the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter will, from this date of acceding to this memorandum, work in concert and in full cooperation and good faith, with the IPAI Executive Committee or Cultural and Social Committee or both and that I and any member of the association will not be party to subverting any collective effort toward a hitch-free and successful convention.  We will execute the roles as assigned to us by the Executive Committee for the success of the Ezumezu 2009.


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