Igbere People Stands In Solidarity With IPAI Texas After Hurricane Ike

“We all are aware of the recent devastating effects of the Hurricane IKE in the gulf regions, notably in the
Houston and the environs. Individually and collectively, we in the IPAI have family members and friends in these places. On behalf of IPAI, I am obliged to send this profound sympathy to the affected members and friends.

“I would like to use this medium to remind them that the organization genuinely have them in our thoughts and
prayers as they go through their ordeal. We will continue to pray for their speedy recovery to normal life,” Leon Ibeka, former IPAI Publicity Secretary wrote.

“Dear IPAI members, We are all aware of the devastation caused by hurricane Ike especially in the Houston and Galveston area over the weekend. Many of our brothers and sisters live in these areas. Because of communication snag we still don’t know how our members were affected. However, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone. Let us know if we can be of help,” Saul K. Onyeuku, former IPAI Vice President wrote.

According to Wikipedia report, “The effects of Hurricane Ike in Texas were crippling and long-lasting. Ike’s effects included deaths, widespread damage, and impacts to the price and availability of oil and gas. Hurricane Ike also had a long-term impact on the U.S. economy. Making landfall over Galveston, at 2:10 a.m. CDT on September 13, 2008, “giant” Hurricane Ike caused extensive damage in Texas, with sustained winds of 110 mph (175 km/h), a 22 ft (6.8 m) storm surge, and widespread coastal flooding.

More than 140,000 residents in the Texas Gulf Coast danger zones in Ike’s path had failed to evacuate, partly due to fears of multi-hour traffic jams as during Hurricane Rita, but over 940 were rescued from rising waters, and nearly 2,000 rescued afterward. As of December 27, 2008, 37 people are known to have lost their lives in Texas due to Ike while hundreds are still missing.

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