Disbursement Of IPAI Medical Assistance Funds To Igbere Health Centres – Chinedu Obike

I wish to inform  you that the funds (N110,000) have been disbursed to the four health centres in Onu-ibina, Umusi, Okafia and Amiyi Igbere.

The exercise was carried out on Thursday July 23, 2009 in the following order.

  1. Onu-Ibina, which receives N30,000 monthly, was given N60,000 to cover the period  of
    June and July.
  2. Umusi (N10,000 monthly) received N10,000 for the month July.
  3. Okafia (N10,000 monthly) was given N20,000 for June and July.
  4. Amiyi (N10,000 monthly) also got N20,000 to cover the months of June and July.

By this  development,  the four  health centres have all received subventions from IPAI up to the month of July.

Their  records showed that between May 27 when the previous funds was given to them, and July 23, the day the last monies were received, the following number of cases had been  handled using the drugs provided by IPAI:

  1. Onu-Ibina    =      265 cases
  2. Umusi         =        139 cases
  3. Okafia        =         132 cases
  4. Amiyi          =          66 cases

Generally speaking , the operators of the  health centres are very happy with the efforts of IPAI  and are  full of  praise for the intervention which has helped them to achieve an improved quality of service delivery to the  people in need of health care.

Health centres like Amiyi and Okafia  would   however wish that the money given be increased but my response has always been that IPAI”s intervention  should be  seen as a  help since the primary responsibility of providing for them  lies with the government.

Interaction with some of the patients also showed that they were indeed  happy with the improved  services  of the health centres.

They say the out-of-stock syndrome  which prevailed in the past, has been  banished and that they are happy with their children in the U.S whose  efforts brought about the change.

On a personal note, I think your  goals are noble, and that IPAI’s efforts are being appreciated by the people.

Your sacrifice is certainly not in vain.

I wish you a successful Ezumezu in America.

Report By: Chinedu Obike

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