Thank You To All Who Made It Possible – By Mike Awa

My elders, brothers, sisters and our beloved children, Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc (IPAI) Ezumezu 2013, Houston Texas has come and gone leaving us with a great memory and a feeling of great fulfillment. Even though it’s gone, IPAI remains. During this event it was all about our community, issues and
responsibilities. There was a great display of love among members and willingness to accommodate each other’s view and arriving at resolutions agreed by the majority of the attendees. What a show of commitment.

I believe by now that everyone who attended this Ezumezu 2013 is either back home or has arrived at a new destination. I have received so many phone calls, emails, text messages or face to face facilitations all expressing great gratitude and appreciations to IPA, Texas chapter, local organizing committee members and individuals for various roles they played in making the Ezumezu 2013, worth attending. This show of appreciation will not be complete if those that attended are not appreciated.  Its great outcome would not have been possible without you all honoring the invitation to attend the Ezumezu 2013, despite the economic hard time. The young children cultural dance group, the Teenager dance group, the women dance group and the war dance group that put up wonderful and tantalizing performances made it possible for IPAI Ezumezu 2013, to remain the talk of town in
Houston today.

On behalf of the IPAI Board members, IPA Texas chapter, Local Organizing Committee members, I say thank you for all your contributions as no contribution is too small. I wish to thank members of the national executive committee for their roles, sacrifice and the additional fund raising initiative like the raffle tickets and our members that cooperated and sold them. My thanks also go to Attorney & Mrs. Chukwu Oko for opening the event at their home with a rich filled ”Oku Utara” that subsequently ushered in the other activities.

I remain grateful to those that honored our invitations and travelled all the way from Nigeria not only to identify with us but to support us with their resources.  I am also thanking my beautiful and able wife for her tremendous support all the way and my children that put up with my criticism to do things in one way or the other. Lastly on
behalf of my family I thank you all for honoring our invitation for the “Ikunyu Oku” event in our home, I am so proud of you for attending. The state of IPAI is strong and may you continue to be a proud member of IPAI. Remain blessed until Ezumezu 2016 that is just around the corner.

Chief Michael C. K. Awa
(Omezimba I of Igbere)
IPAI Board Chairman (2011 – 2016)
Ezumezu 2013, Local Organizing Committee Chairman

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