Appreciation Following The 2013 IPAI Convention Held in Houston – By Saul Onyeuku

Ebiri Ndewonu,
Appreciation following the 2013 IPAI Convention Held in Houston   

Whatever metrics we apply to measure what happened in Houston during our just concluded Ezumezu, will tell us it was a re-sounding success. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their time and resources to attend the Ezumezu. You will all agree it was a time and resources well spent.

My gratitude goes to Texas Chapter, the IPAI Texas President Mr. Dickson I. Samuel and the Ezumezu in Houston Local Organizing Committee headed by Chief Mike Awa. Your tireless effort to feed and accommodate the needs of all attendees was quite commendable. May I also thank all the Igbere leaders and patriots who came all the way
from home to grace the occasion:  Chief Mrs. Nnenna Onwusor, High Chief Emmanuel Uche, Rev. Jemima Kalu, Ezeogo O. E. Ukaegbu, Mr. Peter Ekekwe, Elder Ugoeze Okorie and Mr. Uwakwe Esse. Thank you all for aligning your interests with IPAI and your generosity.

I would also like to thank our youths for their interest and involvement in the affairs of IPAI. Special thanks to Chisom Onyeuku for participating in the war dance. Same thanks to Dr. Patience Ekperi for her health care initiative to Igbere community and involving our youths. Finally, I will like to thank Mr. Peter Ekekwe, Chairman of the 2014 Ezumezu Planning Committee in Igbere for his presentation.

To all our members who could not attend, we miss you and hope you will have plenty of time to prepare for the next Ezumezu coming up in 2016. To Our brothers and sisters yet to join, I encourage you to do so. IPAI can use your talents and input. It is for all of us without pre-condition.

The last Ezumezu also ushered in new Executives to pilot the affairs of IPAI for the next three years. They are:

Mr. Saul Kalu Onyeuku – Executive President
Chief Esse N. Esse – Vice President
Mr. Elesie T. Eke – Secretary
Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu – Publicity Secretary
Mr. Lekwa O. Lekwa – Financial Secretary
Mrs. Obiageli Igu – Treasurer
Mr. Dickson I. Samuel – Provost.

These officers have volunteered to invest their time and effort to making sure that IPAI will continue to move forward as a viable and respectable organization worthy of a progressive community called Igbere. Give them all the support and encouragement they need to keep moving us forward.

Thank you and please remember to extend our appreciation to all the guests for their support which helped to make the event a great success.


Saul Onyeuku
Executive President, IPAI.

Letter Dated on August 02, 2013

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