IPAI Donates Solar Energy That Powers Igbere Health Centre

The Igbere Progressive Association International has donated the Solar Energy System which provides the electricity necessary to operate the Igbere Health Centre.

Walking the Talk – by Nd Uche.
As of 1:30 pm today (Sunday April 3, 2015), Nigerian time, the Igbere Health Centre started running fully on solar power. I was on the ground and fully participated in the installation.

This Health Centre rarely sees public power. When it does, the voltage can be anything, and has caused a lot of damage to some of the stuff we recently installed there. Bulbs were being changed almost everyday because of excessive voltage.

So, here’s to freedom from a terrible national grid, at least until public supply is cleaned up.

Many thanks to the Igbere Progressive Association International for helping make this possible.

Big thanks also to the indefatigable Board members of the Paul Uche Memorial Foundation. Prof. Ogwo E. Ogwo, former VC of Abia State University, was on hand to flag off the installation.
Hopefully, this demonstrates to some, that independent solar is possible and viable and should be a big part of Nigeria’s energy mix.

There’s no reason why every community health centre in Nigeria should not move to solar in six months. We can easily add lots of stable megawatts that way, without the issues of distribution and tariffing.

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