Medical Equipment Donated To Igbere Via Chief Esse Esse Which Came Up During 2016 IPAI Presidential Debate

A set of medical equipment were donated to Igbere people through Chief Esse N. Esse who mobilized and motivated his friend to choose Igbere people as benefiary of the charity donation. These equipment have never made it to Igbere due to unhealthy politics so to speak.

During the 2016 IPAI presidential debate, Mr. Joseph Anyaogu Ogba asked about the equipment and what has become of it since 2011 when IPAI officials received the donation. When Mr. Joseph Anyaogu Ogba asked question about it, the election committee Chairman Chief Eme Onyeuku did not want the question to be answered because he does feel like talking about it any more.

Meanwhile, the medical equipment was not shipped to Nigeria for the benefit of Igbere people under the watch of two former IPAI presidents Chief Michael C. K. Awa (2007 – 2011) and Mr. Saul Onyeuku (2011 – 2016).

Here is the official handover of the medical equipment to the former IPAI President Mike Awa by the Southeast Chapter of IPAI. This handover took place on April 9, 2011 by the former Southeast Chapter Secretary Ezinne Ogbureke.


IPAI South East Chapter
April 9, 2011

Chief Mike Awa
The National president

Re: Medical equipment

At our last South East chapter meeting held on March 11, 2011 in Evans Georgia, the house voted unanimously that the medical equipment donated to the chapter by a Memphis hospital in 2009 be handed over to the National body for further transference to Igbere.

The equipment which comprises beds, incubators and other hospital equipment are currently housed at Mr Ojukwu Nwachukwu’s warehouse in Spartanburg South Carolina.

It is estimated that the materials would require a 40 ft container and the cost is estimated at $5,000. They are said to be in good condition and would greatly benefit our people.

We would appreciate your consideration of this matter and feedback at your earliest convenience.


Ezinne I. Ogbureke
Secretary, IPAI South East Chapter.

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