Fulani Herdsmen Cause Havoc At Igbere – by Isaac Onuoha

“To those of us from Igbere who seem to be cowards or being sympathetic to the Fulani herdsmen, please rethink. I made a call to Igbere this morning to know the truth of the matter on ground and was well informed that the herdsmen aggravated the whole thing by destroying farm crops at Azuuzu and Mkpako and also kidnapping or abducting some which when an alarm was raised and they were intercepted, some of the abducted escaped remaining one person, who has not returned up till now. I think if their cow or cows were killed, this must be the reason.

“The entire Igbere people are very much aggrieved. How on earth would herdsmen come down to Igbere, only to camp or occupy the great, famous and prestigious Igbere Secondary School, for what?

“Those Igbere indigenes taking side with the herdsmen should be careful. Obuu mgbe agbuchuu osisi bu mgbe on a akponwu, Obukwanuu inye enwo nmayi ragha ahu, kama obu inalakwa ya iko, Onye obula kpachara anya iikwo owoo woo.

“No matter what let us no welcome using or giving out any of our land as a grazing area. We should not forget easily how we use to quarrel and fight over ownership of land down here. How can we decide and allow foreigners to come over, when we are hearing, seeing and witnessing their way and method of co habitation? Mgbe inata aka bido gawawa mpu aka, obudu ogu.

“Let us be careful, let them release the abducted one. I received this information from the reliable source, I am serious and sure of what I am saying. Please read Exodus 22:1-down to understand what God says about crops and herdsmen. Remain blessed” – Isaac Onuoha wrote.

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