Igbere Ministers Global Forum Trims Down ‘Igbere Secondary School’ Renovation Committee

“The burden of our forum is to appreciate the life of Igbere indigenes both at home and abroad. We are determined to achieve this with God on our side, and with the cooperation of those who wish to join hands with us to achieve such fits.

Our prayer is that as many as join hands with us to better Igbere and Igbere people will certainly reap great blessings from our good God. As an additional caution we have equally trimmed down the renovation committee as follows:

1) Prof. Michael Ijioma (Chairman)
2) Prof. Ogwo E. Ogwo
3) Rev. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Agu
4) Elder Ekeoma D.Uche
5) Mr. Chinedu Obike
6) Rev. Dickson Akachukwu
7) Rev. S. K. Okocha.
8) Rev. John O. Agu
9) Dr. Uko Igbokwe
10) Engineer Nd Uche.

“With the cooperation of as many individuals or groups as may team up with us, and with the help of God, we are sure to restore the dignity of Igbere Secondary School,” Igbere PastorsInternational wrote.

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