100 Days Of Brexit – by Chijioke Ngobili.

100 Days ago, many Nigerians were raving mad, barking: “Why would they leave European Union? They’re going to regret it. See businesses moving out of UK and pounds crashing. Jobs are going to be shed. Britons are going to suffer. They’re going to regret this foolish and costly mistake”. Bla-bla-bla.

100 Days after, the British people are fine. Their citizens say: “Yes, businesses left but we are not into recession at all“. The economic activities are not doing badly there. People are not dying of hunger after all there. But people in Nigeria are.

What was that all about? Fear of the Unknown! Meanwhile, Unknown is a coward. You discover how messed up you are after you’ve feared the Unknown and later meet it a bubbling Coward.

This is the same fear many have about the realization of Biafra. This is the same fear many other selfish Nigerian elites have about restructuring Nigeria (as their alternative to a Biafra realization). This same fear the coward called “The Unknown”.

Biafran Optimists who are alternatively Nigerian Pessimists do not give room to such fears at all. And when the necessary revolution happens, others will think we will be done for, but they will be shut up 100 days after — just as it is with UK now.
Who else is blaming UK for BREXIT?

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