Raid On Judges Had Nothing To Do With Fighting Corruption – By Igwe Emenike

“The Nigerian talking heads have received great animation with the recent invasion of judges’ homes. Nigerians’ attentions have been forced off earth scorching economic hardship to dwell on a senseless event.

“As usual, Nigerians have been brainwashed to think that this has anything to do with fight against corruption. This is incorrect. This calculated attempt to bully judges and bludgeon them to submit to government’s whims and caprices have nothing to do with corruption. This is one of the modus operandi of fundamentalist Islamic dictatorships around the world. The head of government is the law, the parliament, the judiciary, the prosecutor and the executioner. The opinion of the head of government is absolute. It is infallible. You can only challenge it at the risk of death.

“These judges’ independent mindedness is blasphemous to the Nigerian god. How dare them refuse to worship this god. This is what you get when you wag your defiant finger at a god. This god does not condone idolatry. Like Nebuchadnezzar, bow or you would be licked by the flames of the furnace.

“Let me emphasise again: no one in Nigeria is fighting against corruption. No politician, whether ex soldiers or civilians who have been part of our political journey in the last thirty years have the rectitude to contemplate let alone fight against corruption. This current government is the most corrupt of all our governments since 1914.

“The Nigerian economy urgently and direly requires this kind of desperate action not any segment of the citizenry.” Igwe Emenike wrote

Source: Igwe Emenike

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