There Is Nothing To Applaud About In The Arrests Of Our Judges – Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN

Folks there is nothing to applaud about in the arrests of our judges, Nothing: Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN.
The process adopted is simply a path to hell for the country. A clear road map to recklessness, intimidation of the judiciary and total annihilation of rule of law.
Even policemen who are accused of murder don’t get this kind of treatment. Police peers will first deal with the matter as orderly room trial or for senior officers through the Police Council and then dismiss them. It is only when the uniform is removed that the trial in court can take place.
A combined reading of the Constitutional provisions and the Schedule to the Constitution on NJC Powers and functions will show that the Constitution intends that all cases of professional misconduct by Judges in their professional capacity must first be dealt with by NJC before proceeding with other alternative court processes. The allegations are not kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism etc. They are allegations of misconduct in professional capacity.
DSS’s conduct is a reckless affront just to intimidate the Judiciary on behalf of Government.Look at the Dss statement on Justice Liman, that Gov Wike prevented them from searching his house and helped him move $2m to an unknown place. Very reckless statement that shocks the mind about the aim of the purge. First Dss did not go to Justice Liman’s house. They rather surrounded another judge’s close to Liman’s house and that’s where the altercation with the Governor took place. Liman was at home until 2pm Saturday afternoon and was reading Dss lies from there. Up till now Dss has not gone to Liman’s house.
The most bizarre of this is that Dss office in Port Harcourt is on the same street as Liman’s House and the other Judge. DSS’s office is No 33 while Justice Liman is No 35 and the other Judge is No. 34. When did they count the $2m? At Justice Dr Dimgba’s house at Abuja he opened the door without any delay. They showed him two search warrants in succession and all did not have his name. Yet they still insisted on searching the house and also injured his brother. No no no we cannot deal with corruption in the judiciary by simply setting out to intimidate the entire system.
The cost of the intimidation is 100,000,000 times higher than allowing 20 corrupt judges escape justice.
This is no Hitler era. If we keep encouraging this rubbish, they nation will bleed from this sooner than later. Simply not justifiable.I saw this post by one Okechukwu Dili Nwabueze on apps and I agree. “Primitive cover governance strategy towards a seemingly good objective. However Nigerians must be warned to expect more primitive and oppressive actions from this incompetent government.
Now for those in the legal profession this is the time to show character rather than settle for personal gains. Why wouldn’t it be rational for lawyers to boycott all cases involving the federal government and also for all lawyers in federal cabinet to resign? This should include the VP if he is truly a democrat. The worst is yet to come!! The unilateral decision to treat the judiciary as common criminal is not only deplorable and unconstitutional but hypocritical”.
Written Br Professor  Ernest Ojukwu

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