‘Independent Panel’ Commences Investigation Of The 2016 IPAI Election

“The IPAI Board of Directors; in accordance with the IPAI by-laws, chose to seek resolution of a petition charging the New York (NY) July 2016 presidential election with disputable, underhanded maneuvers, and questionable occurrences, which could have  undermined the integrity of that specific election,according to letter of inquiry by the Independent Panel.

Having been inaugurated on November 20th, 2016 by the Board, the Independent Panel has commenced investigation and sent letters of inquiry to the Board members and members of electoral committee.

UPDATED ON JANUARY 12, 2017: Subsequently, the Independent Panel sent an inquiry to to members who may have witnessed others carry out/or and what they did in direct relationship to any: (1) action, (2) decision(s), (3) communication(s), and (4) unusual interaction(s); which contributed or led to the:  “Decision not to announce the outcome (result) of the 1st Presidential Election result.

The Letter of Inquiry obtained by our correspondent may be assessed via the link below:

IPAI Independent Panel Commences Investigation

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