God Turns My Disability Into Blessings – by David O. Anyaele.

“Today is the 12th day of the 12th Month of the 12th year of our wedding. What a wonderful day. I was just meditating, I remembered while I was growing up as a young man, I never believed that marriage will be an issue for me, until disability appeared in our family for the first time, and it happened to be me. I must tell you that it was not easy to get a good lady that will marry me. The reason was simple. I have no hands and no money, as I was struggling to recuperate from the trauma of limbloss.

“I will go to Church praying God to help me. I remembered going from one sister to the other in the church, saying ‘I want to marry you’. They will look at me from head to toe, I imagined them saying, look at this one without hand, ‘na’ only me you find in the whole world to marry, abeg stop that insult. By reason of my disability I was classified a liability without a bright future. Chai! This is what disability can do to a man.

“It was when life was becoming extremely difficult for me to live alone that God answered my prayers. It takes the grace of God for a fine lady to look at your disability eyeball to eyeball, even with my stubbornness, and say she will marry you. God bless Anne. Today, I’m blessed. God has done more than all the things I told my wife that God will do for us. HE has blessed us with wonderful children (boys and my super daughter) – Sis. Titi in-the-house.

“Friends, join me to give THANKS to God for HIS MERCIES endureth forever. I know, many are fasting and believing God for a helper, God will answer you. If GOD can do it for me, HE will do much more for you. Just trust in HIM with all your heart, you will receive. To God, be the glory. Praise the Lord.” – David O. Anyaele.



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