“Abia State Government E-Library And Idea Center” – by Emeka Maduwesi

“I (Emeka Maduwesi) can authoritatively confirm that the Abia Abia State Government E-Library and Idea Center is ready. The state-of-the-art facility is located along State House of Assembly Road New Umuahia. The servers and computers systems are all networked and the air-conditioners are humming. There is uninterrupted power supply to the servers and systems via public power, two giants generators and an always online inverter system.

“Abia State Government E-Library and Idea Center has broadband Internet access to the outside world and intranet access to the Digital Library. Besides serving as a digital version of a library, the center will be used to train students, teachers, civil servants and other members of the public to ensure their compliant with the use of technology in the various aspects of their work or profession and equip them for 21st Century workforce.

“The Idea Center located on the top floor is equipped with both Windows and Apple (iMac) systems, and will later boast of designer software (AutoCAD) and 3-D printers for users to design and generate prototypes of their conceptualizations. The Call Center on the ground floor is for quick information by phone.

“The E-Library and Idea Center is one of the projects embarked upon by former Governor T. A. Orji to lay the foundation for the takeoff of world-class technology access, education, training and cross-fertilization of ideas for Abia citizens and residents. I thank His Excellency for his foresight,” – Emeka Maduwesi wrote.

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