Igbere Landcapes and Heritage: Iyi Amaukwu

The Streets and Trails That Lead to the River

Iyi Amaukwu

“It may interest you to know that this is where my identity is based upon and am proud of it” #IgbereGodwin Micheal wrote.

PHOTOS: Amaukwu environs – Iyi Amaukwu, Sandy trail to the stream, Amaukwu street, Eluokwu Primary School Field, Rocky trail to the stream.


Ukpabi A. Samuel MISSES IGBERE IN 2016

“Imagine the love in the hometown stream, 2014 was the last time I visited my town. I miss it dearly. No place like my town shaaa. #IGBERE. Lively town, no dull moments there, events always happen live and direct.” – Ukpabi Samule wrote.

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