“Missed Opportunity At Southeast Economic Summit: How Feckless Can Buhari Be?” – Ena Ofugara

He increased the call for Biafra by his stupid marginalization of Igbos in appointments, imprisoning of Nnamdi Kanu, failure to address any of the Igbo concerns including dollar for business, continued murder of protesters, Fulani herdsmen killings and encroachment etc.

The East, clearly the most industrious region of Nigeria by miles and miles had an economic summit. This is a region that their ABA is synonymous with manufacture (Aba made) and a people who just made/assembled a very decent car brand named Innoson Motors. This people come together to have an economic summit. Instead of going there or sending Osinbanjo there to outline your administrations plans for the Igbo man and his region, instead of articulating the policies aimed at improving trade and manufacture and the economy, the IDIOTS that are this administration STAYED AWAY. Buhari could not even send a representative or go there to preach the gospel of ONENESS and peace.

Peace, when has it been achieved by just the gun? Even USSR and China knew to use propaganda and intellect to unite their country. The imbeciles that rule Nigeria think the best thing to do is ignore a people and then when they protest, KILL THEM.

But who can blame the government? ‘Shebi’ Nigerians saw a known bigot whose intellect at best is that if a Class 2 student in a bad government school and voted this Northern Muslim Religious bigot and military man PRESIDENT. What will he know of the need to harness such an opportunity as the Eastern Economic Summit to foster peace and unity?

No really, what part of the brain was used in making the decision to vote Buhari as president? The other part must bear the consequences as more and more a people do not feel part of a nation and want theirs. That is a direct consequence of the stupidity of a certain feckless vote. Lives will be lost and many lives. And for what? Stupidity of a vote and an administration with zero sense.
Written By @Ena Ofugara

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