‘My Village Oracle And My Enemies’ – by Uche Eke

(Marketing Strategy for Modern Commercial Christianity in Nigeria)

I am not happy with all those people in Igbere who are destroying my ‘ancestral properties and inheritance’. All the shrines that belong to Ebiri Okomoko should not be destroyed by anyone. You should bring all of them to me. I would like to put them in a museum for the future generations to know the stories of our past.

To those who destroy or advocate for the destruction of the heritage, how many times do you attend business seminars and listen to business news? Do you sell contraband goods (okarika) which Nigerian Customs will likely seize? What do you do mostly online? Gossip in Facebook or do business research? Yet when you don’t succeed your business you would blame oracle and ask for deliverance.

How many times do we go to hospital for medical check-up? The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) collects bribe to allow illegal drugs into the country, and when people die we blame oracle and unseen enemies.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is using 6 months for strike every year so that the young men are graduating at the age of 35, and so when husband don’t come, you won’t blame ASUU, you blame Oracle.

The federal and State Government are embezzling funds meant for road development and our roads are death traps. The driver are over speeding. And when accident occurs, we don’t blame the Government, we blame Oracle.

Going home every December, It is either drink excess alcohol or ‘Face of Igbere’ or ‘Miss Igbere’ shows, no Business Development seminars, no Entrepreneurial workshop, and when our young men go into armed robbery or our young ladies go into promiscuity, we blame the Oracle.

The Oracles were there when Amadi Ikwechegh became Governor of Imo State, when Mascot Ikwechegh gave Scholarships to many Igbere people, when Iboko Imo Iboko became Aba North Local Government Chairman and later Commissioner, when Orji Uzoma Kalu became Governor of Abia State. Even our sons are playing international football and many traveling to America, Europe and other parts of the world for businesses.

Please read your bible very well, there is never any deliverance in the bible that is associated with financial breakthrough or a threat to physical life. All the deliverance in the bible have to do with repentance and eternal life. Let us check our lives and make constant effort towards our desire, and we shall succeed, stop removing our landmarks, let me still have stories to tell my children.

Article written by Uche Eke

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