The Creed And Values of Benson Anya

(1). I have one resolve in life. Never to allow any third party to come between me and either my family or friends.
(2). I succeed in that resolve when I have it at the back of my mind that no human being is perfect. I am not perfect.
(3). I regard forgiveness as a godly virtue. So I forgive those who wrong me without expecting them to ask for it.
(4). I visit those who hate me with genuine love.
(5). I avoid counting offence against my family and friends but I am always cautious not to offend them.
(6). I am quick to ask for forgiveness. I bear no grudges against no one.
(7). I pity those who attack and abuse me.
(8). I free my mind from hate and ill will.
(9). I have no time to plan evil against anyone. Because I have witnessed the downfall of many evil people. I have seen the collapse of many who practice evil. I avoid their ways and keep my mind free.
(10). I notice that most traducers of good people are shameless. When they start suffering from the evil they brought upon themselves, they run back to you to salvage them. For me, I never hesitate to assist them learn good lessons in the benefits of Rendering unconditional love.
(11). I am never bitter at anything or about anyone. Those who plan to hurt me realize too late that I fear only God almighty and what he can do to me, not man. Their weapon against me never prospers. It goes back to them. I only help them cry when hatred pulls them down.
(12). God have mercy. With this state of mind, and with humility and dedication to my family and friends, no third party ever get any chance to put a wedge between me and people around me.
By Ben Anya.

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