Chief Esse Esse Responds To Independent Panel Inquiry Regarding 2016 IPAI Election

“I thank you for your time dedicated to finding THE FACTS regarding the CONDUCT and PROCEDURES of the last IPAI presidential election held during the 2016 IPAI convention at New York,” Chief Esse wrote.

Continuing Chief Esse stated as follows: “I have no doubt you will unearth some of the malicious intention perpetrated by THE CABAL. They said ‘’Never Esse” and acted on it. Of course, I have never done business with any of them except to say they believe that they have to say who rules IPAI not minding that I have been a foundation member including serving in Caretaker Committee of our noble union. I also served as the Financial Secretary, Secretary and Vice President of a local chapter and then Vice President of IPAI national. I think it is fair to say I rose through the ranks and if election is turn by turn it was my turn to lead!”

“If after all their plans I had lost the election I would have accepted my fate. I lost in Houston and I went on to congratulate the winner. You must demonstrate to all Igberians that we are bigger than one person or group of persons! Below are my responses to the specific questions posed by the panel: I refer you also to my earlier petition submitted to the board,” Chief Esse said.  CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE >>>>

Esse Responds to Independent Panel Inquiry

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