“Biafra: The Natural Mystic In The Air” – by Ross Alabo-George

If you listen very carefully, you will hear. Something is pulling apart in the root of Nigeria’s foundation. It’s a quiet quake and the tremor is only building.

Ignore them as much as you can. The idea of Biafra has moved on. With their own blood they have written the stories of their future in bold headlines globally.

I saw it in the eyes of men who carried the flag. A black flag with a bold half of a yellow sun. On some flags, it looked like a stubborn sun refusing to set at dusk. On other flags, it looked like the first spark at dawn.

The first Biafra was a war of guns and bombs. The second is a war of conscience.

How can Biafra divide an already divided nation, I thought. If for anything, this movement may just be the force that will repair our foundation and restructure our nation.

Some say the Biafran movement has no form. Well, according to scriptures, even the earth was without form in the beginning.

Why do we even think the idea of a Biafran state impossible when hundreds of young people have suffered and died and many more willing to die for the cause? [Don’t ask me Why]

If there is an independent Lesotho within South Africa and an independent San Marino within Italy why do some still think Biafra impossible?

This country could be greater together, but It has to wake up. It is time to rebuild the foundations of this nation. Restructure it quickly else this silent quake will break this nation.
BY Ross Alabo-George.

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