Chief Esse Esse Responds To Inquiry About Local Chapter Dues

In responds to an inquiry about his Pacific Coast Chapter dues, Chief Esse Esse wrote the IPAI Board of Directors as follows:

Esse Esse Responds To Inquiry About Local Chapter Dues

Chief Esse Esse

IPAI Pacific Coast Chapter Member

Email: Tel: XXX-XXX-XXXX

To: The Chairman,

IPAI, Board of Directors.

January 30, 2017

Mr. Chairman,

It has come to my notice from my IPAI Pacific Coast Chapter President, Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu that the IPAI Board of Directors (Board) is enquiring about my local financial status.

For the record I am up to date with my dues both nationally and locally. But in any case, why am I being singled out now when:

  1. For your information, I was sitting with Ukaegbu (former IPAI Financial Secretary) during the 2016 IPAI Convention in New York, when Mr. Dick Ijioma submitted a list of Southeast Chapter members eligible to vote. He never mentioned to Ukaegbu that I owed Southeast Chapter any dues, and therefore not eligible to vote and be voted for. The enquiry about me appears to be an afterthought by some members of the Board and a witch hunt!

I was the Vice President of the Southeast chapter and my last meeting was at Dr. Eme Onyeuku’s house and I paid my dues as I have done at every meeting I attended. I have my records! We all have to produce our records including Prof. Ugwa Ogbureke who left for Houston, Texas, from Southeast and I left for Sacramento, California. The Southeast chapter Financial Secretary should send a comprehensive record of all chapter members showing payment history like the pacific coast (see attached), not just to single me out.

  1. Mr. Dick Ijioma, Dr. Eme Onyeuku all knew I had moved to California and was no longer a member of the Southeast Chapter. When Dr. Onyeuku called me to invite me to his child’s graduation, he said he just wanted to inform me about his son’s graduation since I am now in California.
  1. It is pertinent to inform the honorable members of the Board that the former President Mr. Saul Onyeuku cancelled the debts of the New York Chapter members by his pronouncement that the New York Chapter members may vote if they pay dues that covers for 2016 only. NOTE that there is no provision in the IPAI constitution that allows the President to cancel membership dues. The former President Mr. Saul Onyeuku forgave dues of some members as far back as 2011 thru 2015. Those members I know paid no local dues.  The former president violated IPAI constitution perhaps to curry favor from the beneficiaries.

More importantly, I (Chief Esse Esse) have attended all IPAI Conventions since 2007 and was part of the inaugural meeting in 2005. Since this period, I have witnessed all elections, voted in all and contested in some and witnessed how IPAI certifies and validates members to vote and be voted for. In all these elections, there is no single time local chapter dues have been used to certify who is eligible to vote and be voted for. Nor Chapter president tendered local chapter dues record for it to be used by the national body to certify eligible voters and contestants.

Even in 2016 Convention held in New York, no single Chapter presented their local chapter financial records.

 I was the financial secretary (2011-2013) of the southeast chapter when Mr. Saul Onyeuku contested for IPAI president for first time, he did not pay local dues and never attended southeast meeting either by phone or in person. He was a member on paper! Prof. Ugwa Ogbureke should know this but may have a different recollection of the issue. I attended ALL Southeast meeting with my family from Memphis Tennessee!

According to Article I, Section B(1) IPAI constitution states: “All members of the Association, in pursuit of the purpose stated in Article I, solemnly affirm and declare their adherence to the following principles: 1. The equality of all members.”

In this case the former President Mr. Saul Onyeuku did NOT treat all IPAI members equally. IPAI constitution guarantees we are all equal under the law. If any member’s dues are forgiven all member dues should be forgiven for the same period.

Mr. Chairman if the Board decides to seek for my local financial records then they are under obligation to seek local financial records of all members who voted or voted for from their chapters.

Mr. Chairman I do not want to be treated differently and should not be treated differently. I repeat that this is a witch hunt!

See attached email from my local chapter president.


High Chief Esse Esse

Okaibeya Igbere


All IPAI Board members

Printable View of Chief Esse’s Responds About Local Chapter Dues

Esse Esse Responds To Inquiry About Local Chapter Dues

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