Trump Sympathizer Respects Protesters Right To Protest – Igwe Emenike

“I met some protesters today in the train. They were returning from protesting at the British Parliament. I am a Trump sympathiser but it was newsy for me to pose with their banners. I respect their right to protest. The next protest will be at the American embassy here in London on Saturday (January 7, 2017). That was what one of the girls told me. The girls were all young between twenty and twenty two. .” Igwe Emenike wrote.

“This was the advice a Muslim guy from Afghanistan gave me today after a debate at a seminar. I posed a question they found unanswerable.

“Lesson: the Muslims have no remorse for anything done in the name of Islam no matter how gruesome,” Igwe Emenike continued.

“I believe that the murder of the Biafran Igbos by the Nigerian army is a jihad,” Igwe Emenike concludes.

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