Igbere Ministers Global Forum Moves Headquarters To Aba

The stage is set and excitement  is on in Aba Chapter of the Igbere Ministers Global Forum.

The Igbere Ministers Global Forum has  moved the Administrative  Headquarters of the organization to Aba SouthEast of Nigeria. Also, the new Executive was Inaugurated on 6th February 2017, to pioneer the affairs of the organization for the next one year.

It was awesome gathering and a great turn out of both old and new members.

Our International President, Rev. D. I. Samuel was there to witness the occasion.

The new Executive  are as follows:

1. Rev. Dr. Mbonu Johnson as the President of Aba Chapter and International Vice-President .

2. Rev. Preiz Imo Orji – Vice President Aba Chapter.

3. Rev. N. N. Eme – Operational  Administrative Secretary.

4. Rev. Ikechukuw Awa – Deputy Operational Administrative  Secretary and Publicity Secretary.

5. Rev. Uzo Igwe Abraham – Treasury.

6. Rev. Marcus  Financial – Secretary.

7. Rev. John Odum – Chief Provost.

8. Rev. Isaiah Evidence – Member Legal Adviser.

9. Rev. Uche O. Uche From Abuja  chapter and the northern regional  President of Igbere Ministers still remains the International and National Secretary General.of Igbere Ministers Global Forum.

The Agendas of the meeting were:

1. The Achievement Igbere Ministers made within the space  of one year.

2. Our vision for this  year.

3. The on going Igbere Secondary School renovation project campaign.

4. Ezi-Igbere Secondary scholarship to encourage and help those who could not pay or continue their education because of some difficulties.

5. Plans for Oral Robert university scholarship Tulsa Oklahoma for members of Igbere Ministers.

6. Overseas Scholarship for Igbere Ministers’ Children.

7. The plans to build our Administrative Headquarters in Igbere and special training center  for the jobless igbere youth.to engaged them on a path to achieve greatness for their life and families.

8. Our upcoming Crusade this year  2017.and  our first International conference outside Nigeria and other  matters was discussed  during  the meeting.

The International President Rev.  Dickson I. Samuel also used the occasion to encourage everyone to join hands and get the membership form and be registered  as to keep our records accurate. The International President also asked the members to follow  the steps of peace towards one another as an example to others and to Igbere in general.

Among the spiritual fathers in attendance,  are Rev. Dr. Ekeoma E. Ekeoma and Rev. Chukwu Njoku.



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