IPAI Board Of Directors Receive Independent Panel Report

Cross section of delegate during the 2013 IPAI Convention in Houston

The IPAI Board of Directors has acknowledged the receipt of the report submitted by the Independent Panel (IP). The IP was set up to investigate the 2016 IPAI Election. The Chairman of the Board Chief Daniel Eke sent a message which reads as follows:

“On behalf of the IPAI board of directors, I thank you for your patience and decorum during the time the Independent Panel was doing its work with regard to the New York election issues. The panel has finished its work and has submitted it to the board for deliberation. We implore you to keep calm and have faith that the board will go through the report and make a decision which will be communicated to all IPAI members. We as board members will be working very diligently to resolve this problem as soon as possible and bring healing to our organization.”

Daniel Eke
IPAI Board Chairman

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