Chief Daniel Eke Resigns As IPAI Board Chairman And Dissociates From The Organization

After reading the Independent Panel Report and spending tremendous amount of “time and effort to bring peace and heal the wounds” relating to the 2016 IPAI Election, the Chairman of the Board has resigned and dissociates himself from the organization (Igbere Progressive Association International). The former member and Chairman of the Board wrote a letter to all IPAI members as follows:

Dear IPAI members,
I thank you so much for the trust you placed on me to serve in the capacity of the IPAI Chairman of the Board. The crisis related to the Presidential election at our last convention in New York has consumed a lot of my time and effort in an attempt to bring peace and heal the wounds. Unfortunately, the board has voted to go in the direction that I cannot in all honesty defend especially, after reading the Independent Panel’s report. I have decided to henceforth resign my position as the Chairman of the Board and dissociate myself with IPAI as an organization. I will continue to support other initiatives that will advance Igbere and my beloved Igberians.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve. 
Daniel Eke, MBA, CPA, CGFM, FCA

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