Engr. Peter Imaa Resigns As Member Of IPAI Board of Directors And From IPAI

Engr. Peter Imaa

Another prominent and pioneer and Board of Directors member of IPAI has resigned from the Board  and the organization (IPAI). Engineer Peter Imaa who is the former Secretary of the defunct Caretaker Committee resigned on Monday March 6, 2017. Here is his letter of resignation below:

 Dear IPAI members,

This is to let you know that I have resigned from the IPAI Board of Directors (Board) and from IPAI Inc.

I was elected to the current Board during the 2016 IPAI Convention in New York. The Board recently received the Independent Panel (IP) Report.  After painstakingly reading and analyzing the IP report, I with others worked tirelessly to find ways to unify and bring peace to the IPAI family based on the IP Report. Nevertheless, from my perspective, it was obvious that a faction within the Board will not compromise during our deliberations in order to foster unity and peace within the IPAI family. (It is either their way or the highway.)

The final straw for me was the “IPAI 2017 thru 2019 Budget” that was recently sent to IPAI members by the Publicity Secretary. Not even one dollar ($1) was allocated in the budget for the rehabilitation of the Igbere Secondary School. I remembered vividly that the fundraising event during the New York convention stressed that the money raised will be used to rehabilitate the dilapidated Igbere Secondary School. Consequently, I will not be a part of a shady organization that will solicit funds from Igberians and friends of the Igbere people and then divert the money to a “pet project” of the IPAI President. 

My resignation from the Board was not easy for me but was reluctantly done with a heavy heart after the last Board meeting on Sunday, March 5, 2017. No progress was made whatsoever to unify and bring peace to IPAI Inc. during the meeting.

I have been a member of the IPAI Inc. since the 2005 inauguration of the organization in Houston, Texas. I have attended all the conventions; my wife and I have equally donated reasonable amounts of money to IPAI during the conventions. I have consistently paid my local and national dues through the 2016 convention. I was the Caretaker Committee Secretary and have worked to the best of my ability to make IPAI a viable, responsible, professional, and a responsive organization.

I can envision clearly the direction the current leadership is steering the organization and I cannot in good conscience continue to be a member of the IPAI, Inc. However, I will find other ways to continue to  serve our homeland Igbere.

I thank all IPAI members for the honor and the opportunity to serve the Igbere people.


Engr. Peter Orji Anyaogu Imaa, P.E.  


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