Mafias May Have Invaded and Hijacked IPAI, Therefore I Resign My Membership

By Mazi Arisa Ekeoma

For now, I’m not dealing with specifics, as I would like all Igbere people to read the Report of the Independent Panel presented to the Board of Directors for deliberation.

It would be observed that a petition was filed against the presidential election conducted at the New York Convention on July 29, 2016.

The Independent Panel in their fact finding assignment arrived at the conclusion that the first presidential election was baptized by massive rigging, electoral violations and fraudulent practices by the electoral committee.

Meanwhile, the IP made recommendations to the Board of Directors that would bring peace and unity to the organization.

The Chairman of the Board and some peace loving members of the Board lobbied, canvased and prayed to return peace to the organization. Unfortunately, a group of mafias infiltrated into the Board and frustrated the efforts of the Board Chairman Chief Daniel Eke to bring peace and unity.

Today, the Chairman of the Board Chief Daniel Eke and two other prominent members of the Board have resigned from the organization. More members of the organization are yet to leave.

Today, I cannot associate myself with an organization that has been poisoned by fraud, malaise, rigging and violations, and no respect of the association’s constitution.

I therefore honorably withdraw my membership from IPAI.


Mazi Arisa Ekeoma


IPAI Independent Panel’s 2016 Election Report

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  1. My Two Cents
    Ebiri Kwenu
    I just want to state that if we want an enduring PEACE, JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL. If the IP report I read which, clearly states that Chief Esse won the (unannounced) election is accurate, then we must make that correction in order to restore the will of IPAI members. If we do not, we will just be papering over this most important issue, and I can assure you that it will happen again. There is no need to preach for peace. You can only make peace through justice and fair play. There is no place for sentiments especially in any public issue, such as upholding the democratic principles. Come on Brethren, we are much better than this.
    I do not know brother Elesie Eke very well, but I am sure he is a good and honorable man who would want to do the right by IPAI. I therefore plead to brother Elesie to surrender the presidency. His time will surely come.
    I will also appeal to the Chairman of the Board brother Daniel Eke and other board members (Peter Anyaogu Imaa and Arisa Ekeoma) to rescind their resignations. Good folks do not abandon family when in crises.
    Lastly, the name calling must stop. Let us have the discourse without insulting or demeaning one another.
    Ebiri Kwezuenu
    Oko Anyunku Igbokwe

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