Chief Esse Esse Resigns As Member Of IPAI

By Esse Esse

Chief Esse Esse

Notice of Resignation (excepts)

The Rotarian creed of doing business is based on their four way test of life. I cited it in my open letter (exhibit d)

to Igbere Progressive Association Inc. (IPAI) Board of Directors (Board). It says whatever you think, say or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Most of you must have read the Independent Panel (IP) (exhibit b) report which resulted from my petition (exhibit a) against the conduct of 2016 IPAI presidential election. The question is: what is in the IP report that is NOT THE TRUTH? We were shown exhibits of  peoples account of events and not one person of those who gave evidence has come out to say otherwise. There are consequences when people manipulate and/or suppress the TRUTH; it will not

  • Be fair to all concerned,
  • Build goodwill and better friendship,
  • Be beneficial to all concerned

Members cited the IP report on the 2016 New York presidential election as part of their reason for resigning and leaving the IPAI organization. Some of us who are founding members will say DEJA VU! I have also read the IP report. The report was written by a group of Igberians who did not attend the IPAI New York convention. Therefore, their findings and conclusions were derived from evidences of those who attended. I encourage you to read the IP’s report attached (exhibit b).  After reading my account of events you will agree with me that things could have been resolved if there was love in some people’s heart.

According to IP report certain individuals played an active role in manipulating the 2016 Presidential election thereby thwarting the will of Igberians. Excerpt from the IP report:

1. Chief Dr Eme Onyeuku,

2. Chief Mike Awa,

3. Mazi Saul Onyeuku,

4. Chief Chuku Oko,

5. Mazi Dick Ijioma,

6. Mrs. Ijeoma Oko,

7. Ebere Ukaegbu

“Receiving information from the people listed above would have been very helpful to the Panel because each person listed above had a part to play in the election whose outcome became the bone of contention in IPAI as shown in the description of the individual’s roles in the election.

It is unconscionably stunning and implausible that the efforts of IPA Board of Directors and the IP appointed by the Board to find peace to this crisis would be undermined, ridiculed, despised, and totally ignored by these individuals, some of whom have been in leadership roles in IPAI.

How can such callous indifference to these peace efforts bring IPAI back to peace and unity? This attitude is absolutely reprehensible and should not be condoned.

1. Chief Dr Eme Onyeuku: The Chairman, Electoral Committee, who was in charge of (conducted) this disputable, questionable, contentious, and IPAI-divisive election; whose junior brother, Saul Onyeuku, former IPAI President, vowed, saying, “never Esse, anybody but Esse.” (Exhibit 5)

2. Chief Mike Awa: IPAI former president and past IPAI Board Chairman, who was accused of having “… literally usurped the duties of the electoral committee by making himself the moderator on the election floor” (Exhibit 12); who refused to respond to the IP “Fact-finding” request or defend his action prior to and during the 2016 NY elections;

3. Mazi Saul Onyeuku, a member of the current IPAI Board of Directors, who was quoted as saying, “never Esse, anybody but Esse” (Esse’s Petition, September, 18th, 2016); who, despite the fact that he is currently serving as a board member of the IPAI Board of Directors that elected to CONSTITUTE and INAUGURATE an Independent Panel to seek ways to find a peaceful and uniting medium for IPAI, did not respond to any of the “Fact-finding Requests” sent to him. Mazi Saul Onyeuku, in behaving in this manner, demonstrated lack of RESPECT FOR THE SAME IPAI BOARD OF DIRECTORS he is a member of; projected his abject rejection for peace and unity among IPAI; he displayed an unmitigated arrogance toward IPAI constituted agents and willingness to foster disunity, discord, and factionalism in the IPAI.; these attitudes, if allowed in our midst, will destroy the unity of IPAI.

4. Members of the Electoral Committee: (1) Mazi Dick Ijioma, (2) Ebere Ukaegbu, (3) Ijeoma Oko, like the former President, Mazi Saul Onyeukwu, ignored IP requests for their accounts of what happened in New York. Only one member of this committee, Mazi Elijah Kalu responded to IP request and shed some light on what transpired during the first Presidential Election that was not announced.

NOTE: To discourage this type of behavior of not cooperating to seek Peace in IPAI, IP urges the IPAI Board of Directors to impose measurable and appropriate sanctions, which may range from a written reprimand, to financial sanction, up to suspension of the IPAI members from IPAI; who exhibited arrogance toward the IPAI Board of Directors through their refusal to respond to the IPAI Independent Panel’s “Fact-finding” Request(s). Their behaviors toward IP demonstrated deep disdain to IPAI constituted authority while projecting their proclivity/disposition for IPAI disintegration; discord, and hate for IPAI PEACE-SEEKING efforts”.

Chief Daniel Eke, Engr. Peter Imaa and one other Board member have all resigned. These are mild mannered, peace loving and unbiased individuals who worked tirelessly for the unity of IPAI. Chief Eke or Onwa as he is fondly called received 50 out of 52 votes to become a member of the Board and subsequently the Chairman. Those pounding their chest for having chased “snowball” out of the “Animal farm” were put in the Board by their brother or friend. With hindsight they did not muster enough votes to have been in the Board.

Who is Afraid of Igbere Progressive Association Inc. (IPAI) Audit?

 The question a member asked me was: “OKAIBEYA, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THESE PEOPLE?  I cannot believe Saul is ready to destroy a 40 year friendship and fragment this organization because of you” He continued. The answer is he is afraid of auditing of the IPAI account during his tenure. Saul was the President and I was the Vice President. He became aware that I said if I win the Presidency that I will institute an audit of IPAI account. Whereas I am not accusing anybody of financial impropriety but the statute establishing IPAI as a charitable organization calls for a periodic audit of the organization’s account. See Texas statute: where IPAI 501c statute was granted.

Statute and Description: Tex. Bus. & Org. Code § 22.352 | A charitable organization with annual contributions over $10,000 must have current and accurate financial records in accordance with GAAP. Based on these records, the board should prepare or approve a financial report that conforms to AICPA standards. The financial report must be made available to the public (§ 22.353(b)). Exemptions (§ 22.355).

 We have not had any audit since our inception. Moreover, during our tenure (Saul and I) there was no substantive financial secretary. Expenses made with IPAI card which was solely in Saul’s possession was unaccounted for. Mr. Ukaegbu who acted as the Financial Secretary never received any receipts for expenses made on IPAI card. It will be prudent to keep account of purchases made on IPAI card in New York including payment of the so called Presidential suite in New York and the drinks that were served in the suite on Friday night July 27th 2016. At a minimum, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of America expects periodic financial statements showing receivables and expenses distributed to all members. It is therefore not difficult to see why Saul recruited his family and friends to thwart the will of Igberians in New York per IP’s report. In addition he admitted to his fellow Board members that he is not happy with me that I contested for IPAI Presidency against him in Houston.

My fellow Igberians, it is not difficult to understand that it is the vendetta of two Saul and against me that has fragmented IPAI again! Was it worth it, I ask?! “Now that Saul & co have “killed” you what are they going to do with your “corpse” a member asked me. She went on “Be careful, this is how people get assassinated for nothing” They know what they are afraid of us but Americans say if quacks like a duck, walks like a duck it must be a duck. Just look at the leadership hierarchy of IPAI since inception: Chief Mike Awa President, Mr. Saul Onyeuku Vice President, and Dr. Eme Onyeuku (elder brother) Chairman of the Board. Next in line of succession: Mr. Saul Onyeuku President- Chief Esse Vice President and you guessed it Chief Mike Awa Chairman Board. There is no check and balances, no board oversight. The Texas stature states that the board should prepare or approve a financial report that conforms to AICPA standards.

Lastly, when we came together to draft the constitution of IPAI, I and other CTC members envisaged a brotherly and sisterly union devoid of envy, character assassination, etc. We knew there will be misunderstanding but never to be deep rooted. When Saul told his friend of 40 years that I can never be the President of IPAI, his friend said to him “You can campaign, vote against Esse but if he wins don’t do anything that will bring disunity to IPAI”. He didn’t care because he was blinded by hatred not minding that I have been a member of CTC, Financial Secretary, Secretary and Vice President of the South East Chapter and finally Vice President of IPAI national. If election is by turn, it was my turn to lead. My wife and I have made contributions to IPAI on every convention since its inception. I was drafted to run by my friends and all my chapter (Pacific Coast) members, I only accepted to run after a unanimous vote to present me as their candidate. I accepted with one project in mind, to find sponsors to renovate Igbere Secondary School and equally take care of the erosion problems in Igbere.

Finally, I am convinced that the ideal on which IPAI was founded has been eroded.  I hereby cease to be a member of IPAI forthwith. I will continue to support projects for ala Igbere.


Chief Esse Esse

Okaibeya Igbere


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