Categories of the ‘Who Is Who in Igbere’ – 3rd Volume

Sequel to the contributions on how to produce the best possible “Who’s Who In Igbere” book, the following CATEGORIES have been tentatively established by the Publication Committee:
(1). Science,
(2). Technology
(3). Engineering,
(4). Mathematics,
(5). Law and Justice ,
(6). Medicine,
(7). Trading,
(8). Sports,
(9). Accounting, Banking and Finance,
(10). Public Administration,
(11). Business Management,
(12). Oil and Gas,
(13). Community Leadership,
(14). Politics,
(15). Agriculture,
(16). Media and News,
(17). Architecture, Surveying and Real Estate,
(18). Performing Arts (Comedy, Music, Movie, etc.),
(19). Armed Forces and Government Agencies,
(20). Education,
(21). Religion/Clergy.

Subsequently, a set of CRITERIA covering the above would be announced soon.

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