Recording of Igbere Movie Is About To End – By Igbere Mirror

The camera is about to stop rolling. History is about to be made in Igbere, as the concluding part of the movie production is taking place as at the time of this report.

Actors and actresses are about moving out of the camp. The Director of Photograph (DOP) is packing camera backs.  The sound man is saving sounds recorded. The Lighting man is packing his bags.

Continuity is putting finishing touches and the Production Manager (PM) is about the leave Igbere Town. The Assistant Director (AD) is still standing by the able Director.

The Director is doing the last shoot (as in stand by, action, and cut). The Executive Director (EP) has finally left the camp.

Everyone is happy being part of the movie production.

It’s all about the Igbere Movie. Watch Out ….. Its Coming Out Soon ! 

Ww appreciate all that contributed one way or the other toward the production of the movie. God Bless You All.

Report by Igbere Mirror

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