IDA Undertakes Rehabilitation Of The Main Building Of Igbere Secondary School

Within three months of its establishment, the Igbere Development Association, Inc. (IDA) has undertaken the rehabilitation, renovation and restoration of the Main Building of Igbere Secondary School, Igbere.

IDA views the current dilapidated physical infrastructure of Igbere Secondary School as unacceptable, and with dismay. As a result, IDA decided to embark on the project of rehabilitating the Main Building block of the school, in order to give Igbere students an opportunity to learn in a conducive classroom environment.

According to sources, on June 4, 2017, IDA selected the contractor Engr. Onyeudo P. Ukoha of Moore Builders, after considering three contractors who responded to the ‘Request for Quotation’ (ROF) on the project. Also, IDA has reached contractual agreement with Moore Builders on the plan, and completion timeline of the renovation project.

Eyewitness reports that Moore Builders has commenced the preparation of the project site to enable it undertake the first phase of the work which is reinforcement of the structure.

When completed the renovated building is expected to look like this model:


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