MOUAU Appoints Mrs. Jacinta Agu Ogwo As New Registrar Of The University

Another history has been made as one of the great daughters of Igbere Ebiri Okomoko becomes a university registrar.

“Here comes the new Registrar of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike. Another milestone history for the lgbere community as our dear sister Mrs. Jacinta Agu Ogwo assumes office as the Registrar of the great citadel of learning.

Join us congratulate her and wish her God’s divine protect ,guide and grant her wisdom as she pilot the affairs of this exalted position. God bless Igbere’ – Igbere Mirror wrote.

According to sources from the MOUAU ,

“The Registry is the heart of the University Administration from where administrative and academic service activities radiate into all arms of the University.  It offers administrative and support services to Council, Joint Council/Senate, Senate, Administrative and Management Committees of the University as well as to other service departments such as the Bursary, Works Department, Physical Planning Unit, University Health Services, Internal Audit Unit, Academic Planning Unit, Legal Unit, Security Unit, University Library and the Offices of the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellors.  The Registry, therefore, serves the operational goals and objectives of the University as enshrined in the Act establishing the University.

“The Registry is made up of the following divisions: Council, Establishments, Academic Office and Central Administration.  Other Administrative Units within the Registry are Admissions Office and Endowment  & Alumni Relations.  The activities of  these divisions are coordinated by the Registrar’s Office.

“The Registry as the nucleus of the University’s administrative activities is manned by very high calibre staff to enhance its service delivery.  In accordance with the University Act, the Registrar is the Head of the Registry.  The Registrar is assisted by the various unit heads in the management and administration of the Registry.  These are the Deputy Registrars, Principal Assistant Registrars, Senior Assistant Registrars and other staff.

“The Registry as the engine room of Administration has been performing its roles effectively to achieve the objectives of the University.  This has been made possible through a planned programme of developing its  human  capital.  Such programmes include the Staff Development Award Scheme, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc.  The current impressive performance of the Registry staff can be attributable to the systematic training, motivation and involvement of staff in the day-to-day running of the University.  Recognising the Registry as the nerve centre of administrative activities, it is  the dream of the University to develop the potential of the Registry staff to the fullest and thus make them the best among their peers.”

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