Chidi Ogbonnaya Responds To Ahmed Gume About Owning Shops In Igboland

One of the Northern Islamic clerics Ahmed Gume made a stunning allegation against the Igbos by says:  “Igbos were allowed to establish businesses and live in other parts of Nigeria peacefully. However, they deny other tribes from simple owning shops in ALL EASTERN MARKETS! Yes! I have gone to many eastern markets for ethnic survey. And no single shop is or was allocated to non Igbo. Please if there is one market with non Igbo, please mention” – Ahmed Gume.

Chidi Ogbonnaya’s Epic Responds:

“Hello Mr. Ahmed Gume,

“I’m amazed at how ignorant people in Nigeria can be. No one allocates shops by tribe. All you need to do is find one, pay the rent, and it’s all yours for business. Just about every Hausa person that I met growing up in Nigeria, preferred to sleep on the streets or in front of someone else’s house, rather than pay rent. My dear Ahmed, get it through your head, Igbos only allocate shops by ability to pay, not by tribe. Tell your folks to learn that nothing is free. The mentality of getting something for nothing is why herdsmen kill people. Land is not free. If you want to raise cattle, buy or lease the land. That’s how life works.” – Chidi Ogbonnaya.

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