Social Media, New Friend Of The Igbos – by Uchenna Makiavelli​ Stephen

All these years, they (other Nigerians, especially of Yoruba extraction) monopolized the media and push their own narratives that painted IGBOS black.

They made the whole world believe that IGBOS are the only tribe with faults and others are saints.

They made everyone, even some gullible IGBOS to believe that IGBOS don’t love themselves while other tribes love themselves so much.

They made everyone to believe that only IGBOS love money and wealth while others hate money and wealth.

They even made everyone to believe, even some gullible IGBOS that Ojukwu declared war.

They made everyone to believe that Nzeogwu’s coup was Igbo coup, even when it is on record that the participants of that coup cut across every region and ethnic groups in Nigeria

They even made it look as if Igbos are the ones looting the whole Nigeria dry and owing oil wells.

They keep pushing these narratives unchallenged, called us (IGBOS​) all kinda names and even mocked us.

Then, social media came! Everything changed! Even though they have tried to also control the narratives on social media by paying their overlords to push out lies and twist stories, but Igbos population and love for technology worked against them on this.

We are now challenging their lies and propaganda, we now tell our story. We don’t only tell our stories, we also expose their own follies and shortcomings too.

They hate the fact that we are not only challenging their lies but are also exposing their faults and hypocrisy too.

They are now angry! They say we are insulting people and we aggressive, but all these​ years they were lying against us and calling us names, nobody cautioned them.

Oh, you all thought it will always remain that way, ‘huh’? You people thought time will never come when we will get up and fight back? You people thought IGBOS will also allow you to run them down on social media in this age? You people should better wake up from your delusions.

We have not even given you all half of the insults you gave us all these years. We are not even dishing out lies like you people did against us, all we are doing is challenge your lies and dish out some truth about you and you are crying “insults insults, arrogant arrogant, abusive abusive, intolerance intolerance” up and down like headless goats!

We are just warming up, if you think we will lie low and watch u all denigrate us and push out lies and insults against us unchallenged, then you people must be smoking expired ‘Snoop Dogg’s weed!’

We will be here to tell the whole world everything anyone is doing. No matter your tribe.

On behalf of Ndi Igbo all over the world, I thank God for Social Media. It did us (IGBOS) more good than any other tribe in the world. Igbo ‘ndi oma’, let us not keep quiet anymore. Time for sugarcoating and political correctness is over. Tell it how it is. Don’t mind the feeling of anyone who will feel hurt because of the truth.

If telling the truth will born the bridge, let the bridges burn, we will swim across!

I remain your humble nwa afor
Uchenna Stephen Osuchukwu

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