Igbere Ebiri Age System Within The Last 100 Years (1917 – 2017)

Whereas the age grade system as practiced by the Igbere people is as old as the Clan itself. However, based on records available, we are able to compile the list of Age Grades that existed within the last 100 years (1917 – 2017). (See tabular Chart titled “Igbere Ebiri Age Grade System” below:

“The Ezumezu Festival affords our Clan the singular opportunity and privilege to pull out or retire the oldest age grade who served the Clan meritoriously from communal service; this is called Traditional Retirement Ceremony (IGBOTO NMA). On the other hand, to recognize a new Age Grade. And this aspect is called Outing/Naming of a New Age Grade (IZARAFA). The occasion is also used to raise funds for the development of our Clan.” – Chief Solomon Ukaegbu Akuma wrote in statement delivered during the 2008 Ezumezu Festival in Igbere.

Igbere Age Grade within the last 100 years: Chart Compiled by Ukaegbu Ukaegbu.



Re-Inventing Our Age Grades – by Solo U. Akuma

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