The Beauty Of An Igbere Woman: A Biblical Approach

by Lady Vicky Akuma (JP), first published by Igbere Magazine.

A song writer says, “Holiness is the beauty of a woman”. I, personally will subscribe to the above axiomatic expression and it is on this basis that I would discuss the topic in question on a christian perspective.

Accordingly to Nancy Morgan, in her article titled “What Makes A Woman Beautiful’’, to write extensively on the above topic, it is absolutely necessary to consider the following questions:
(a). Should beauty really be that important for a woman?
(b). Is beauty something that a christian woman should strive for?
(c). What makes a woman truly beautiful?

Without mincing words, I must say that a woman can and should be beautiful because God has designed her to be that way. Her skin, hair and other features were created to be soft and appealing and her body fashioned to be attractive and beautiful to men. However, the physical side of beauty is just an integral part of what makes a woman truly beautiful. A beautiful woman is not just physically appealing, she should be appealing in many different ways.

This write up will explore all the areas that make up true beauty and bring out the missing dimensions in beauty. There is outer beauty and inner beauty.

Outer beauty is the physical beauty. A truly beautiful woman is physically appealing. Not all women are gifted with perfection of physical features, but fortunately, this is not the only prerequisite for beauty.

Inner beauty is the beauty that is within. A beautiful woman is not only admired for her physical appearance, she is admired for her inner qualities as well. There are many inner qualities that makes a woman beautiful, for purposes of space, I will only discuss on three (3) important ones.

A woman should be kind and gracious. Proverbs 11 vs. 16 tells us that a gracious woman retains honour. When you think of the women people hold in high esteem, they are usually women/ladies who are kind, gentle, thoughtful, unselfish, etc. They are the women that we look up to and remember. In Proverbs 31 vs. 26, a virtuous woman is described as having the law of kindness on her tongue. Women who are gracious and kind are attractive.

A woman should be discreet and also have good judgment. In Proverbs 11 vs. 22, a lovely woman who lacks discretion is compared to a ring of gold in a swine’s snout. If a woman is physically attractive, but lacks discretion, it takes away her beauty and value. Good judgment is needed in many areas of life such as moral issues, money matters, choices, decisions, dealing with others, work, etc. A woman who possesses good judgment is of great value because she can be trusted to do the right thing.

A woman who is developing her potential is an attractive woman. A woman should continue to grow and better her inner self. Proverbs 31 describes a woman who is competent and capable of doing many different things. A woman who continues to grow while developing her talents and abilities is a woman of value. She is one who is able to contribute to others through these abilities, and she will be of use to her family, church, community, society etc.

Morgan posits, ‘’A truly beautiful woman is not only attractive on the outside and inside, she is also attractive to God. How a woman looks to God is more important than any other quality she possesses because one day her outer beauty will fade and her inner beauty will cease, but the beauty that God sees in her will be important when she stands before Him’’. Being beautiful to God should be top priority on every woman’s list. In 1 Peter 3 vs. 3 – 4, tells us that God values a quiet spirit in a woman “Do not let your adornment be merely outward, adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold or of putting on of apparel, but let it be the hidden man of the heart in that which is not incorruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price”. This is basically saying that a woman should not have an argumentative, contentious spirit. She should not be someone who is quick to argue and demand as well as insist on her way. She should be peaceable to others and respectful to her husband.

A truly beautiful woman is not in competition with men. She understands the value and strengths that they possess and appreciates them.

God values a woman who is submissive. The bible in Ephesians 5 vs. 22 says “wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord. A woman who submits herself to her husband is a woman that understands and is yielding to the government that God has established in the home. This is far from the fact that a woman should not have an opinion or say in what takes place in the family. Of course a wise husband should consult his wife on all important issues. It is not a sign of weakness when a woman submits to her husband, it is a sign of strength. It is a sign that she is in fact submitting herself to God and is obeying the commands that He has established. More so, it is a sign of her faith in God. When a woman submits to her husband’s authority in marriage, she is beautiful to God.

God also values a woman who fears Him. Proverbs 31 vs. 30 reads “charm is deceitful and beauty is in vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised”. When a woman is putting God first in her life and is striving to do what He has commanded, she is attractive to God.

Our society places a high value on the physical beauty of women, but it does not understand all of the elements that make a woman truly beautiful. If a woman possesses only the physical aspect of beauty without the inner and godly qualities, she is a hollow and empty shell.

In conclusion, I must say that, it is within every woman’s reach to become the beautiful woman God intended her to be. She should be beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside and most importantly, she should be beautiful to God.


Lady Vicky Akuma (JP)


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