Amakpo Igbere’s Inu Ndi heralds the  Apex and  Concluding Iri Ndi (Ji) Festival

By HRH Eze Rowland A. Ekeoma.

This year’s Iri Ndi (Ji) Festival  in Igbere fell on  19th August  2017. As families held low key celebration the real Inu Ndi which  heralds the  Apex and  Concluding Events  holds  today  27th instant by Amakpo Igbere eight (8) days after harvest.

History has it that a son of Akpor – the  legendary founder  of the  community – was the  1st son of Ebiri who proved by  eating  and surviving that the  hitherto wild tuber was not only  edible and safe but sweet  and  nutritious. He thus earned the headship of the Igbere clan’s Yam Culture.

Only  nde Amakpo can eat the yam very day  of harvest while others  do so a day  after. All wedding and burial ceremony are suspended until Inu Ndi Amakpo is over.

By the way Fijioku (Njoku /Ahiajoku and its  dialectical variations) is the yam deity hence  God of farming  and food  security worshiped  in the Yam Belt of West Africa that  covers countries between Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Yam remains essentially a status crop in Igboland.

Its  continued decline as a staple food  is a monumental tragedy.


HRH Eze Rowland A. Ekeoma.

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