Igbere Movie: Titled “Ebiri Okoromoko-A Blessed Land”

Successfully Produced, Directed, And Recorded By Igbere People. It was purely done in Igbere dialect, actors and actresses from Igbere.  The movie was shot 100% in Igbere Land and is all about Igbere History, Culture and The People” – Igbere Mirror wrote.
Events to mark the premier and introduction of the movie are as follows:
 25th December 2017

 4pm to 6pm Red Carpet

 6pm to 8pm presentation of the awards to those that has contributed to the Development of Igbere

 8pm to 10pm viewing of the movie.

 Venue: Princess Hotel and suite Igbere.

First story

• She asked him, How much are you selling the eggs?

• The old man selling egg replied to her, N40 for one egg, Madam.

• She said to him I will take 6 eggs for N200 or I will leave

• The old man selling egg without option replied, come my daughter take at the price you want. May God bless us, grant us our heart desires and may this be the beginning of good things to us. I have not been able to sell anything today. Come take my daughter.

• She took it and walked away with a feeling that she has won while the old man went with pains in his heart for losing.

Second Story

• The same lady got into her fancy car and went to pick her friend, and they drove to a posh restaurant.

• She and her friend sat down and ordered what they liked. They ate a little and left a lot of what they ordered.

• Then she went to pay the bill. The bill was N1,400 She gave him N1,500 and said to the owner of the restaurant – Keep the change

The owner of the restaurant was happy as it quite normal to him. But it was very painful to the old poor man selling egg.

Morals of the story/The bottom line

Why do we always show that we have the power to treat poor people bad when we buy from the needy and the poor?

And why do we show generosity when we deal or buy from the people who do not need our generosity?

A good man once said
Every time a poor child comes to me to sell something, I simple remember a tweet from the son of a rich man who said, “After every prayer my father used to buy goods from poor people at a very expensive prices, even though he did not need them. Sometimes he used to pay more from them”. I used to get concerned by this act and I asked him about it. Then my father told me – ‘It is a charity wrapped with dignity, my son always help those in need and support the poor in our society any way you can.’

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