Ugwu Ebiri II Age Grade Kicks-Off Ezumezu 2017 with Widows’ Empowerment Program

The Widows’ Empowerment Program organized and sponsored by the Ugwu Ebiri II Age Grade took place on Saturday 26th August 2017 and at Onu Ibina Civic Hall. The event’s Keynote Speaker is the Chairman of the Ezumezu Organizing Committee, Dr. Uche Daniel Eke. Some of the Igbere’s Traditional Rulers graced and supported the occasion.

The excerpts of the keynote address reads:

“Today’s event is centered on the welfare of widows on our community. This is because a woman’s social status is inextricably linked to her husband. When her husband dies, her place in the society is at risk of being compromised; many of them share two common experiences:

  1. A loss of social status.
  2. Reduced economic power.

The state of widowhood is worsened by situation of poverty and lack of access to services and resources.

Most of the African women, irrespective of ethnic groups, are the most vulnerable and destitute women in the region with high incidence of HIV/AIDS and other related illness and diseases.

Therefore, our aim for this program is to empower widows through mental, spiritual and vocational training programs in our indigenously owned ‘Pa Anyaso Skill Acquisition Center’; with rigorous classes aimed at developing entrepreneurial traits for a duration of 3-6 months.

At the end of the training, successful candidates will be awarded with working tools, such as sewing machine, grinding machine and cosmetics accessories, etc.”


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