Ugwu Ebiri II Distances Itself From Marathon Proposed to Hold During Ezumezu 2017 Period

The Ezumezu 2017 host age grade, Ugwu Ebiri II has sent their reaction in response to the Facebook information purportedly organizing a marathon by December 2017. In the said information, the organization that have no identity, arrangement, clearance of IWU and the organizing age grade stated that the event will be holding on the 30th of December 2017.

The Chairman of the Ezumezu Planning Committee, Dr. Uche Daniels distanced himself and the organizing committee from any such project and cautioned all organizations including National Association of Igbere Students (NAIS) against organizing such event that will not tally with the Ezumesu programme.

The president of Ugwu Ebiri II also warned the organizers to stop forthwith as the age grade will not give them any room to destabilize the Ezumezu events. He also advised individuals and community leaders to appreciate their position as the host age grade and ensure there is a hitch free ezumezu program. He reminded them of the need to respect the position of IWU, Oganihu and Ugwu Ebiri that no form of activities will be allowed unless it is captured in the Ezumezu programme. He affirmed that Ugwu Ebiri have been variously approached by by different people and organizations who intended to sponsor and organize the event. He quickly reminded them that there are logistics, medical, technical and financial conditions that must be met which is the pre-requisite for organization of the event.

The age grade also reminded the organization that it will amount to distraction for those who will be hosting their individual programmes on the 30th December 2017. They however called on parents, community leaders, IWU and other organs to act quickly by calling the organizers to order.

The age grade wishes to inform and take position by stating their readiness to showcase the best Ezumezu to the world. The Chairman, organizing committee Dr. Uche Daniels thanked Nde Igbere and other contributors towards the success of the project and hope that the event is for evey Igbere citizen as we all are stakeholders. We therefore, use this opportunity to advise the organizers and sponsors to immediately contact the officers of the age grade thus. Meanwhile, Elder Uwakwe has directed all organizations and individuals to confirm their programme with Ugwu Ebiri II Age Grade.


Mr. Bucknor Ekeoma,

President, Ugwu Ebiri II


Dr. Uche Daniels

Chairman, Ezumezu 2017 Committee.


Comrade Ekekwe Ukaegbu

Secretary General, Ugwu Ebiri II


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