A History of the Igbere Ebiri People

by Dr. Uwakwe Oji Abiai Esse

Did Igbere, Alayi and Item ever live together? Is the kola nut (Oji) episode a myth or historical fact? How important is the Eke forest to Igbere and indeed Umunnato communities? How and where did the name and people of Igbere Ebiri originate?

A HISTORY OF THE IGBERE EBIRI PEOPLE explores and with empirical historical, archeological and archival evidences provides answers to these questions. And sets a new professional and academic pathways on the Igbere Ebiri discuss.

Do you know that Igbere constitute the largest surviving Ebiri tribe in South Eastern Nigeria? The history of Igbere not only widens, but deepens the knowledge of the Igbo nation!

Dr. Uwakwe Oji Abiai Esse, a chartered historian and professional Archivist, has with professional competence produced this work, after extensive research.

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