IDA Leads the Mobilization of Individual Effort Towards Advancement Of Igbere

by Benson Anya

Igbere Welfare Union was created with development as its main substratum. Meetings were being summoned with development as the main agenda of the Union. They built schools, health institutions, awarded scholarships and sponsored many overseas.

Notwithstanding the fact that some agents of retrogression have warred with Igbere and tried to turn the hands of the clock of Igbere development backwards, Igbere people have over the years have proved their resilience and resourcefulness and patriotism.

The trend today is the mobilization of individual effort towards the advancement of our community. At the forefront of the advancement of this new era of development and cooperation is the young organization in America known as the ‘Igbere Development Association.’

This organization have ushered Igbere to a new Dawn. Igbere will no longer judge anyone by how big your house is or by your fleet of latest cars . You will not be judged by how well you have secured yourself and family economically but by what you have given back to the less privileged.

I congratulate the IDA for the wonderful work they did at Igbere Secondary School. I hereby commend their selfless spirit and sacrifice. They have shown the way for us all to follow. Thank you all IDA.

Those people who will not do something for Igbere unless they gather people to be clapping for them should learn from IDA. Kudos to the Esses, Ukaegbus, Ejiekes and other Members of that association.

The Era of a few cabal feeding fat on Igbere is gone. Any person who does so do it at his peril.

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