IWU Lagos Branch Subsidizes Bus Transportation to Igbere for Ezumezu

The IWU Lagos branch promised to bring a luxurious bus that will transport Igbere people residing in Lagos to Igbere for the Ezumezu 2017! That promise was fulfilled on December 21, 2017 as Ekeson Transportation Nig. Ltd arrived at the Presbyterian Church Yaba to pick-up the passengers en-route to Igbere.

It was a gathering of Igbere people, just like Ezumezu, as the passengers hugged each other and said (Anya m highu Agbakpolam) meaning long time no see.

According to the IWU Lagos Branch Chairman, Chief J. C. Ukoha, “the bus left Yaba-Lagos some minutes past 9:00 AM o’clock on Thursday 21st December, 2017, and spent over 16 solid hours on the road and then arrived Igbere by 1.40 am Friday December 22, 2017. The roads were too busy coupled with fact that a trailer fell down around Ore Benin Express Road blocked the entire road. So, the bus spent about 3 hours in that traffic”

Also, he prayed for all those travelling to Igbere for a safe journey, saying, “As many as will be travelling to Igbere this season God will grant them journey mercy to and fro.”

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