YEAKA Free Medical Services at Igbere Rolled on Day 8

by Igwe Emenike

Dr. Nnenna Ekperi attends to a patient at Yeaka Free Medical Service

Ndukwe Uche’s love for mankind and charitable heart began an unprecedented free medical services to the people of Igbere in eastern Nigeria. In most Igbo towns, the Christmas period records the highest number of returnees from almost every part of the world. Multiple reasons account for this.

In the case of Igbere, a large number were expected to visit because it is a time of a three yearly anniversary called Igbotomma ( retirement). Igbere runs a traditional socio-cultural and development system encapsulated in age-grade unions. Every three years, the oldest age grade retires (Igbotomma – retirement) and a young age grade is admitted from the bottom of the rung.

Having envisaged a massive throng; Uche has initiated this free medical services under the Paul Uche foundation. With a theme name of ‘YEAKA’, (Igbere word for “give a helping hand”), the program has brought a revolutionary help to the rich and poor in Igbere.

This is revolutionary because it is an example of what can be achieved when you have honest, intelligent, civilised people with ideals beyond politicians greed. This is a private initiative without any form of government funds. (Governments in Eastern Nigeria are among the most irresponsible on earth). The collaborating physicians are among the heroes because without their humanitarian involvement, nothing could have been achieved.

YEAKA would draw its curtains tomorrow Saturday December 30, 2017. I suppose the beneficiaries would be blessing the providers and hoping for greater ‘inyeaka’ (help) in future.

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