Who’s Who in Igbere (3rd Volume) Launched

Forward by HRH Eze Rowland A. Ekeoma

I’m humbly delighted to introduce the third volume of the Who’s Who in Igbere. This book is one of the greatest resources that documents great sons and daughters of Igbere extraction who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field of endeavour.

The publication of this book in 2017 follows a six-year cycle since the first and second volumes were published in 2005 and 2011 respectively. Undoubtedly, the third volume is expected to be an update and improvedment of the two previous volumes.

The 3rd Volume of ‘Who’s Who in Igbere is more voluminous because more personalities were added to that of 2nd Volume. Irrespective of that, it is still not exhaustive because there are a number of worthy sons and daughters who may have declined the normination by not submitting their updated profile on time. In addition, there are some nominees who could not be reached despite efforts to contact them via phone or email.

Despite these bottlenecks, it must be acknowledged that this 3rd Volume represents another robost attempt at building a biographical database of the foremost sons and daughters of Igbere Ebiri.

It is our hope that this will inspire our future generations and at the same time be challenged and motivated by the talents and achievements of these beacons in politics, military, business, religion, media, arts, sports, entertainment, managemen

t, law, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, education, etc.

This 3rd Volume features distinctitive presentation of profiles and page layout to make for easier reading. Where as some profiles are short, and concise, others are detailed and long. Moreover, the personalities are shortlisted in alphabetically by last name.

My family and I are eternally grateful to the Ugwu Ebiri II Age Grade, the Organizing Committee of 2017 Ezumezu festival and the Editor of this book – Ukaegbu Ukaegbu, for granting me the singular honour of writing the forward on the crème of the Igbere society.

Finally, I humbly congratulate all those personalities in the third volume of the Who’s Who in Igbere. At the same time, I encourage all Igbere people especially the youths to always strive to be the best in your respective fields and also help the community as much as possible to continue to develop. May God Bless You! May God Continue to Bless Igbere Ebiri!

HRH Eze Rowland Abara Ekeoma GDJ

Akpondi 1 of Amakpo Igbere;

Traditional Ruler of Amakpo Igbere Autonomous Community (2000 till Present).

December 2017

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